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DnB NORD Banka Changes Name to DNB


One of Latvia’s leading commercial banks, DnB NORD Banka, has instituted a new brand name – DNB.  Along with the change in branding in Latvia, the new brand of DNB has been implemented by the DnB NOR Group in more than 20 countries in the world.

CEO of DNB banka Andris Ozoliņš:  “DnB NOR became the owner of the entire DnB NORD Group last year.  It is the largest bank in Norway, and it is also one of the leading and financially strongest financial institutions in all of the Nordic region.  The decision to change the name of banks in DnB NORD Group and of DnB NOR is aimed at expanding operations and promoting the establishment of an integrated banking group.”

Mr Ozoliņš continues:  “It must be understood that the new brand includes not just changes in visual identity, but also new products and services.  Just a few of the new advantages that DNB banka will offer to you are multi-currency ATMs, the ability to open an account at any DNB Group bank in the Baltic States or Norway at any DNB branch, the ability to store cash in Norwegian crowns, new and modern technologies, as well as more extensive financing opportunities for Latvian companies.”

The subsidiaries of DnB NORD banka also change their names to DNB līzings and DNB Asset Management.

The new logo for DNB Group was created by the Snøhetta design and architecture studio, which has also worked on projects such as the Oslo Opera and a memorial to the victims of 9/11 in New York.

The bank’s new visual identity will also appear on the Internet.  Along with the new design, the bank has opened a new homepage at www.dnb.lv.  Users of social networks will be able to follow news from the bank on www.facebook.com/DNBbanka.

The registration numbers and legal addresses of the bank and its subsidiaries will not change, nor will the existing account numbers of clients.